Individual solutions in plant construction

Planning, design, manufacture and installation of complete, energy-optimised facilities for process air systems such as dust extraction, wood chip extraction, recyclable residual products, filtered products, extraction of vapours and gases.Optimised facilities for ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings such as homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories or multi-purpose halls.

Well-engineered components, manufactured in-house, for ventilation facilities

Our strength lies in its creative flexibility in individual and small series manufacture.This applies to the widest range of shapes and sizes, with base materials of all types and grades of metal, as well as to all the special parts and pipes from  modular pipework system.

  • Pipe regulator gates
  • Air outlets through roofs
  • Deflektorhoods
  • Multi-way distributors
  • Throttle-/ shut-off valves  
  • Air inlet/outlet towers
  • Multi-leaf damper
  • Source air outlets
  • Silencer for pipes or ducts
  • Excess pressure flap
  • Venturi tube
  • Weather protection grilles
  • Inlet/outlet air hoods
  • Cyclon dust seperators